"My process in cleaning involves attention to detail with chemicals and brushes, and I take extra time to ensure the maximum quality in my finished product"

John Roemmich | Owner

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

We provide many services for your carpet in addition to cleaning, such as stretching, re-dyeing, water-extraction, and more.  Click the titles below to see more information on our process, view before and after photos, and schedule an appointment.

View photos and video of our work that aren’t included in the individual service categories below.

Carpet Stretching

Minor stretching and full room stretching can be accomplished by a trained professional to make sure that your carpet looks great and without wrinkles.

Photos of Carpet Stretching

Low Moisture Cleaning

This process is actually called “Encapsulation”. This is a low moisture clean that is used in conjunction with the “Brush Pro” machine. A low mist is sprayed on the carpet. Read More

Minor Carpet Repair

Carpet repair involves many variables.  Correctly repaired carpets will usually render the repair nearly invisible.  If the repair is not done right and the wrong kind of carpet is used, Read More

Carpet Dyeing

The art of coloring your carpet is difficult, but when done right looks great. Question:  “What kind of carpet can be dyed?” Answer:  Only nylon and wool can be dyed. Read More

Water Extraction

“Help!!  Water is going everywhere and it is going to ruin my personal belongings!  Is there anyone out there that can HELP??” The answer is YES!  We can help. We Read More

Photos of Water Extraction

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