"I started Centurion Carpet Cleaning because I discovered the need for true craftsmen with high quality ethics in the industry.  Our knowledge, experience, and equipment set us apart from the competition."

About Centurion Carpet Cleaning

My name is John, and I am the owner of Centurion Carpet Cleaning LLC, serving the Kitsap Peninsula, Pierce County,  and King County.  I started cleaning carpet in 2012 and I am Licensed, Bonded and Insured.  I have undergone very intense training and tackled some jobs that even the “seasoned” carpet cleaners have rejected, which have resulted in some of my greatest success stories.

At Centurion Carpet Cleaning, we use a CDS truck-mounted machine from Hydromaster.  It is a self contained unit so that we don’t have to invade your privacy to access water to clean the carpet.  We have extensive experience in many different areas and welcome a phone call to discuss how we can make your situation a little cleaner and more livable.

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