"My process in cleaning involves attention to detail with chemicals and brushes, and I take extra time to ensure the maximum quality in my finished product"

John Roemmich | Owner

Water Extraction

Water Extraction due to flooding of apartment carpets

Water Extraction due to wet apartment carpets

“Help!!  Water is going everywhere and it is going to ruin my personal belongings!  Is there anyone out there that can HELP??”

The answer is YES!  We can help.

We use a process that is certified by insurance companies and we create a loyal customer by doing the job right the first time.  We don’t just use a wand to extract the liquid, we use a tool called the “Water Claw” and the suction through the water claw is so strong that it will go through the carpet, pad, and into the floor and extract all of the water.  In most cases, the carpet and pad need to be pulled up and the sub-floor dried with our fans.

Water Extraction Needed

Water Extraction Needed!

Flooded Carpet Needing Water Extraction

Carpet Needing Water Extraction

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